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Montana Association of Registered Land Surveyors

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I. Surveying costs

1. Boundary survey

2. Topography and site plan

3. Setting corners

4. Staking improvements

a. Sanitary Sewer

i. Check elevations during install

b. Water

c. Storm water

d. Roads

i. Curb and gutter

ii. Sub-grade

iii. Final grade – blue tops

5. As-builts of improvements

6. Plat applications

II. Engineering costs

1. Sanitary sewer design

2. Water design

3. Storm water design

4. Road design

5. Inspection

6. Prepare as-builts

7. DEQ permitting

III. Construction costs

1. Sanitary sewer installation

2. Water installation

3. Road installation

a. Curb and gutter

b. Sub-grade gravel

c. Final grade asphalt

4. Electric installation

5. Phone installation

6. Storm water installation

7. Lighting installation

8. Sidewalk installation

9. Parking lot installation

IV. Other costs

1. DEQ review fees

2. Local government review fees

3. Impact fees

4. Weed spraying