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National Association of Realtors

Montana Association of Registered Land Surveyors

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Land Survey

Our surveyors provide clients with all types of land and property boundary information. These services include:

  • survey officeBoundary retracements of existing lots and section lands
  • Topographic mapping
  • Vertical and horizontal control surveys
  • Stream channel route locations for remediation
  • Test well and water monitoring locates
  • Volume surveys
  • Construction staking
  • Subdivision layout and design

why do I need a survey?

Drafting Services

draftingWe provide clients with the necessary maps and plats to accompany their surveying projects. Our most common type of mapping projects include:

  • Certificates of Survey
  • ALTA site plans
  • Subdivision plats of all kinds
  • Topographic site mapping
  • Encroachment surveys
  • Display mapping used for court and legal disputes
  • Engineering plans and drawings

Engineering Services

0864We provide the engineering services necessary for land development
projects including:

  • Sewer and water line extensions
  • Storm water run-off planning
  • Street and road design
  • Water monitoring projects
  • Soil definitions for subdivision planning
  • Department of Environmental Quality permitting
  • Governmental presentations for subdivision development
  • Technical reports for planning and development of projects

subdivision requirements