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Every year Brown & Associates prepares numerous boundary retracements surveys, boundary relocation surveys, family subdivisions, minor subdivisions, topographic and site surveys, and various other types of surveys for a diversity of clients. Some of our recent projects are listed below.

brophyvilleWhat we do when we're working

Big Hole Dam Project

The effort of this project was to replace the old diversion dam that has been pumping water to butte for the past 80 years. The new dam includes a safe channel for boaters to pass through and also a portage to carry a boat over through high water. Mungus construction out of Phillipsburg hired us on this project to do construction staking and quality control.

Big Hole Dam Construction Big Hole Dam Construction Completed Dam 10/28/2010Completed Dam 10/28/2010


Horseshoe Bend Water Treatment PlantHorseshoe Bend Water Treatment Plant
(May, 2002 - December, 2003)

This plant was designed to treat the water contaminated with heavy metals from the Berkley Pit and adjacent water storage areas. We provided staking, plan review and calculations, mapping for construction of buildings and utilities, and treatment lagoons.

Environmental Clean-up Surveys

At the request of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality or environmental engineering firms we have provided horizontal and vertical surveys of sites all over southwest Montana.

In July, 1999, we located monitoring wells and performed topographic surveys for Maxim Technologies at the New World mine site in Cooke City near the northeast entrance to Yellowstone Park.

Site SurveysSite Surveys and ALTA Surveys

We provided site surveys for three new commercial facilities owned by Town Pump Corporation in Butte, Belgrade, and Three Forks.
ALTA/Site surveys for the Hardee’s stores in Butte and Helena.  Site surveys for expansion of National Guard facilities in Billings, Havre, and Chinook. These surveys were done for Maxim Technologies, design engineers in Helena.



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